Scottie Yang


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. A risk taker in all facets of storytelling.

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Scottie Yang

Nearly ten years ago I packed my car with all I had, called a buddy in L.A. and asked if I could crash on his couch so I could find a gig in film or television. In a week of time crashing with my buddy, I lined up interviews. I had an interview on a Monday, was offered the job on a Friday and started my first day that following Monday.  That was my entry point into Post Production. Started as a tape operator in a tape vault and I have been learning and moving up the ladder ever since. 


My lifelong curiosity of how films, commercials, and television shows are made is what drove me into the field and it is what continues to drive my passion for the media arts to this very day. It is my goal to surround myself with people that share this curiosity, and as a result, great work will be created. 






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