Scottie Yang

Furman University - Dins Day Promo

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Furman University - Dins Day Web Promo

Furman University choosing to adopt a new fundraising strategy sweeping across the academia space, wanted to produce a promo hyping up a single day donor event called Dins Day (Their mascot is the Paladins).

The strategy:
Highlight the amazingly beautiful campus and cinematic landscapes of the rolling green hills, and outstanding landmarks of Furman, all of which were funded by previous donors. Additionally I wanted to capture images of these iconic landmarks from angles current staff, students, and alumni never have seen before.

The results:
The video produced under a quick turnaround provision, was fully filmed using drones and Canon DSLR hardware. The promo generated a buzz among the Furman community, receiving praise from University President for it's captivating images. Through the promotional work of the video, Dins Day generated over 1500 new donors and more than $800k in new donations for the 24 hour event.